Michelle Logan

P.O. Box 597
Bolinas, CA 94924
(415) 868-2133


1992 ( Indiana University, Bloomington, IN ) B.F.A. Ceramic Sculpture (Honors)   
           minor art history 

2002-03 ( San Rafael Continuing Education, San Rafael, CA ) -Metalworking 
1998 ( Occidental Center for Arts and Ecology Occidental, CA )- Building with   
1997-99 ( College of Marin, Kentfield, CA ) - Fiber Sculpture Classes 
1997 ( Occidental Center For Arts and Ecology Occidental, CA )  
         -Permaculture Design Certification Course 
1993-94 ( City College of San Francisco, CA ) - Fiber Sculpture Classes

1995-present ( Bolinas, CA ) - Designer, Installer, Cultivator
Creator of Fine Trellis Work Vegetable and cut flower Gardens
for Mark and Susie Tompkins Buell

1992-94 ( Stephen de Staebler, Berkeley, CA ) - Studio Assistant
Clay and wax modeling, plaster and flexible mold work

1992-94 ( John Toki, Richmond, CA ) - Studio Assistant
Large scale ceramics, fabrication, and armature assembly

It is my intent to express a force, compelling to the degree that it might ride the line of perversity- a force which may seize you, draw you in, before you even know you
went there. Steel requires a full physical commitment that forges an alchemical
reaction in my subconscious.

The nails and spines have the quality of pain but also strength and fortitude. They are repellant and defensive but also beckoning. The thistle beckons with her fingerlike spines, invites you to dance with her- the dreaded plant.

The form of a nest morphs out of its nurturing self into a space that sucks you in and just may chew you up before it spits you out. The darkness beckons a slow dance, the hungry stomach growls, the throat yawns-in the dark night of the soul. The metal is formed not into protective armour but a permeable void. The hero is compelled into the Mystery, where his very being meets his dragon and upon their battle and union, melts down and is reformed into a magical Wholeness, both tender and

I hope that this provocation leads you, the viewer, into the often subverted and dimly lit recesses of the psyche. In this way, the soul finds its healing.

2005 (Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA ) - On Darkness Wings

2003 ( Downtown Art Center San Rafael, CA ) - Mind Over Metal Invitational

2002 ( The Presidio, Herbst International Exhibition Hall San Francisco, CA )

2001 ( Redding Museum of Art and History, Redding, CA) - Transforming
            Trash- Bay Area Fiber Art Invitational 

2001 ( The Downtown Art Center, San Rafael, CA ) - Inclinations in Fiber juried 

2000 ( Nelson, New Zealand and Auckland, New Zealand ) - New
           Awards-Zealand Wearable Art Juried costume theatrical exhibit **Best 
           First Time Entrant

2000 ( 600 Townsend, San Francisco, CA ) - New Dimensional Work

1999 ( College of Marin Gallery, Kentfield, CA ) - Beyond Boundaries 
            Juried exhibition 

1999 ( Marin Tech Center, Lucas Film Tech Center, San Rafael, CA ) -
            Fiber Dimensions Group Show 

1999 ( Marin Art and Gardens Center, Ross, CA ) Craft and Sculpture Open
            Juried exhibition 

1999 ( Marin Arts Council Marin Community Foundation, Larkspur, CA )
           - Fiber Sculpture

Birds of Paradise
Brazilian Samba Group, costume creation and performance 
2000-03 ( San Francisco, CA ) Carnival and Gay Pride Parades,
Private Parties, Nightclubs 

ARANA-the spider
Performance in sculptural costume
1999 ( College of Marin Gallery, Kentfield, CA ) - Opening
Reception to Beyond Boundaries exhibition
1999 ( Bolinas Community Center ) - Halloween Event

Solo performance Sculptural installation Costume and Music composition
1999 ( Bolinas Museum, Bolinas CA ) Fiber Art (Juried) Exhibition
1999 ( Marin County Fair, San Rafael, CA ) **Best in Class- New Genre
1999 ( College of Marin Gallery, Kentfield,CA ) Annual Student Show **Best in Show- 3-D 

Ocean Spirit
1998 ( Sunfestival, Bolinas, CA ) - Character and costume creation 

Sun Goddess
1994 ( Sunfestival, Bolinas, CA ) - Character and costume creation 

1992-94 ( Butoh Dance Theater, Berkeley, CA ) - Dancer

2000 ( Nelson, New Zealand ) - New Zealand Wearable Arts 
2002 ( Oakland, CA ) - Jude Fletcher 
Susie Tompkins Buell

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